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Department of Sanskrit

Image Name & Contact detail Educational Qualifications Others
  • B.A. (2004) from University of Allahabad,Prayagraj,U.P.
  • M.A. (Sanskrit, 2006) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • M.Phil.(Sanskrit Poetics, 2008) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • Ph.D.(Sanskrit Poetics, 2012) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • UGC NET-JRF in Sanskrit 2006.
  • UGC-Research Awardee.
  • UGC-IUC Associate Fellow at IIAS-Shimla.
Teaching Experience: 9 Years (as on Permanent)

Research Interests: Sanskrit Poetics, Navya-Nyaya Language & Methodology, Grammar, Linguistics, Indian Philosophy and Manuscriptology.

Research Supervision: 12 Dissertations 03 Ph.D. theses.

Research Publication: 35 Research papers, Two sole authored Books, 10 chapters are published in edited books.

Projects: One completed under UGC Research Award Scheme and One Project is ongoing under SPARC,MHRD, Gov. of India.

Coordinated: International Seminars-02,International Workshop-01,National Seminars-03,Special Lectures:10
  • B.A. (Shastri), 2005) from SSU, Varanasi.
  • M.A. (Sanskrit, 2009) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • M.Phil.(Sanskrit- Vaiseshika Philosophy, 2012) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • Ph.D. (Sanskrit- Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy, 2015) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • UGC NET-JRF in Sanskrit 2009.
Teaching Experience: 05 Years 03 Months.
Research Interests: Sanskrit Grammar and Nyaya Vaiseshika Philosophy.
He has expertise in the field of Indian Philosophy ( Nyaya Vaisesika), Sanskrit Grammar and Vedic Studies.
Research Publication: 09 Research papers, 02 authored Books.
  • B.A. (2006) from Purvanchal University, Jaunpur,U.P.
  • M.A. (Sanskrit, 2009) from Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, U.P.
  • M.Phil. (Sanskrit- Upanishad 2011) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • Ph.D.(Sanskrit- Vaiseshik Evam Sankhya Darshan, 2016) from JNU, New Delhi.
  • UGC NET-JRF in Sanskrit, 2010.
Teaching Experience: 2 Years

Research Interests: Sanskrit Poetry & Poetics, Grammar, Indian Philosophy, Linguistics & Research Methodology

Research Publication: 15 Research papers, Two sole authored Books, 1 chapter is published in edited book.