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Academic Council

Office Orders
Chairman: The Vice Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Designation Name of the Member
Vice-Chancellor: Professor Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
(Ex-Officio Chairman)
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Vacant
All Deans of Schools of Studies i. Dean, School of Commerce & Management Sciences;
ii. Dean, School of Computational Sciences, Information and Communication Technology;
iii. Dean, School of Education;
iv. Dean, School of Humanities and Languages;
v. Dean, School of Life Sciences;
vi. Dean, School of Physical Sciences; and
vii. Dean, School of Social Sciences
Dean, Students’ Welfare and Proctor i. Prof. Anand Prakash
Dean Students Welfare
ii. Dr Brijesh Pandey
Librarian Dr Shivarama Rao K
Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science & Librarian (I/C)
Heads of Teaching and or Research Departments / Centres i. Head, Department of Commerce;
ii. Head, Department of Management Sciences;
iii. Head, Department of Computer Science & Information Technology;
iv. Head, Department of Library and Information Science;
v. Head, Department of Media Studies;
vi. Head, Department of Educational Studies;
vii. Head, Department of English;
viii. Head, Department of Hindi;
ix. Head, Department of Sanskrit;
x. Head, Department of Biotech and Genome;
xi. Head, Department of Botany;
xii. Head, Department of Zoology;
xiii. Head, Department of Chemistry;
xiv. Head, Department of Mathematics;
xv. Head, Department of Physics;
xvi. Head, Department of Economics;
xvii. Head, Department of Gandhian and Peace Studies;
xviii. Head, Department of Political Science;
xix. Head, Department of Social Work; and
xx. Head, Department of Sociology
Four Professors representing different schools (not Deans of Schools & Heads of the Department/Centres) by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by Vice-Chancellor i. Prof. Santosh Kumar Tripathi
Department of Physics;
ii. Prof. Sunil Kumar Srivastava
Department of Physics;
iii. Prof. Pranveer Singh
Department of Zoology; and
iv. Prof. Rafiqu e Ul Islam
Department of Chemistry;
Four Associate Professors (not Deans or Proctor or Heads of Departments or Directors of Centres and or who are not members of the Executive Council) by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor i. Dr Sarita Tiwari
Department of Political Science;
ii. Dr Narendra Kumar Arya
Department of Political Science;
iii. Dr Satarudra Prakash Singh
Department of Biotech and Genome; and
iv. Dr Anil Pratap Giri
Department of Sanskrit
Four Assistant Professors, who are not members of the Executive Council, by rotation according to seniority, to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor i. Mr Mritunjay Kumar Yadavendu
Department of Sociology;
ii. Dr Sweta
Department of Sociology;
iii. Mr Sanjay Kumar
Department of Sociology; and
iv. Dr Pankaj Kumar Singh
Department of Political Science
Six persons not in the service of the University, to be co-opted by the Academic Council for their special knowledge in educational progress, development and industry linkage; and Yet to be co-opted
Registrar of the University
(Ex-Officio Secretary to Academic Council)
Dr Padmakar Mishra
OSD (Administration) & Ex-Officio Secretary