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MAHATMA GANDHI CENTRAL UNIVERSITY (MGCU) came into existence by an Act of Parliament, Central Universities (Amendment) Act 2014 (No. 35 of 2014). The University became functional on 3 rd February 2016. MGCU is situated in Motihari (Bankat), on National Highway 28.

MGCU is proving to be an excellent centre of Higher Studies in both Basic, Applied and Technical educational fields. There are as many as total 04 Undergraduate; 22 Postgraduate; 19 M.Phil. and 20 Ph.D. Programmes of Study running under total 07 Schools and 20 teaching Department under them. This is one of the salient characteristics of the University which has attracted the enthusiastic learners from different parts of the country to seek admission here. Needless to reiterate, the well-experienced and competent Faculty of the University is the central basis for the academic excellence being sustained herein.

The location of the University in Motihari, Bihar does take us to the glorious historic year of 1917 when Mahatma Gandhi started his well-known SATYAGRAHA, the first ever anti-colonial struggle against the British. It is rightly said that Motihari made Mahatma Gandhi the BAPU, the premier MASS LEADER who henceforward revolutionized the whole India through miraculous mantras of Truth and Non-Violence. No wonder, MGCU is committed towards inculcating the spirit of SATYAGRAHA, TRUTH and NON-VIOLENCE among our learners towards rendering their invaluable services to the humanity.

Christened after Mahatma Gandhi, FATHER OF NATION, MGCU is one of the emerging public Central Universities of India. The Motto of the University is enshrined in the LOGO: legacy image . The very logo is an invocation of Vedic Chant meant for showering the prosperity of name, fame and riches upon all. This is the guiding principle behind the educational spirit of this University. All the Members of the University (both Teaching & Non- Teaching) work heart and soul towards enabling our students/ learners to achieve the all- round success and prosperity.

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