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“यथा ह्येकेन चक्रेण न रथस्य गतिर्भवेत् । एवं पुरुषकारेण विना दैवं न सिध्यति ।।” (As a chariot cart cannot move with one wheel, similarly, without hard work destiny does not bring fruit.))

Department of Management Sciences incepted in the year 2016 with the state of the art infrastructure to impart need based and result oriented management education to develop talented managers to face the Global challenges and align them to today's societal needs. The Department through its latest and unique teaching pedagogy ensures development of sound and strong domain skills in students. The department stands committed to provide the best of management education focusing on developing intellectual power as well as building leaders. The Department is endowed with Faculty members who are deeply engaged in education research and consultancy and carry their research experience into the classroom.

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