Legacy of Champaran

MGCU is located at Motihari, District- East Champaran, Bihar (INDIA). Mythologically, ‘Champaran’ derives its name from “Forests of Champa” having pervaded this area in the past. Moreover, Motihari is well-known as the “Karmabhoomi” of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, where he successfully experimented with the idea of “Satyagraha”, Truth and Ahimsa during the “Neel Andolan” (Indigo Movement) at Champaran in 1917. The establishment of MGCUB commemorates the centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagraha. It is often said that Champaran made Bapu the charismatic leader of the masses.

Named after Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi Central University of Bihar (MGCUB) is one of the emerging public Central universities of India. The Motto of the University is enshrined in its Logolegacy image. This Vedic Chant is an invocation of the Almighty towards granting the accomplishment of all our desires and establishment of the truth in our speech. May God bless all the fulfilment of body, mind and spirit thereby leading us to the pinnacle of renown and glory! Imbibing the priceless wisdom of our great heritage, MGCUB is committed towards creating enlightened students who may prove unfailing forces of social change and universal good.

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