Our Vision & Mission


  • Be an internationally acclaimed University recognized for excellence in teaching, research and outreach.
  • Remain dedicated and steadfast in the pursuit of the best and the excellent in the realm of the material and the spiritual aligned with the Motto of the University.
  • Blossoming of manifold skills & competence among our learners.
  • Harnessing the Youths of the country for building a sustainable & integrated nation towards an enlightened World-order.


  • Empowering of budding youths through imparting high quality
  • Education, training and research.
  • Fostering innovation in teaching, learning, research and compulsory services.
  • Enabling the students towards emerging as living and powerful harbingers of social change.
  • Bringing about all round development of students and contributing towards establishing the age-old ideas of ‘Vasudhaiv kutumbakam.’
  • Furnishing our learners with holistic development to be blessed with unending prosperity of name, fame and riches as enshrined in the motto.
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