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The Department of the Political Science at Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar, India is a centre of excellence for teaching and research. The department’s research areas cover the global issues, globalisation and economic uncertainty, inequality, immigration, global environment issues, tribal studies, unemployment , international relations and diplomacy etc. and enhance the understanding of the global society.

The department encourages innovative, indigenous and empirical studies at faculty level and similarly engages the research scholars. Our goal is to conduct empirical researches with theoretical models, sharing and communicating political science studies with others at global level. Our intention is to explore University surrounding areas and become facilitator in its development.

Today, the whole world has been heavily influenced by market economy and capitalism, which encourage people to think big and pursue dreams. The Department of Political Science of MGCUB highlights Indian values, universalism of Hindu culture values, ancient Indian political thoughts and the role of State established by Hindu Scriptures in establishing security, stability, justice and good governance so that human beings can reach the highest terms of excellence in the political, economic and social fields.

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