महर्षि कणाद अन्तः अनुशासनात्मक शोध केन्द्र (Maharishi Kanaad Antah Anushasanatmak Shodh Kendra)

About Centre

Interdisciplinary efforts are becoming critical for exploring various dimensions of science and society. In view of that Maharishi Kanad Interdisciplinary Research Centre is established in the year 2021 under the dynamic leadership of Hon’ble Vice-chancellor Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma. This centre is named after Maharishi Kanad. Maharishi Kanad is known for the originator of the Vaisheshika philosophy. Maharishi Kanad revealed the secret that matter has atoms even thousands of years before the modern era molecular scientist John Dalton that the origin of the physical world is from the condensation of tiny particles of atoms, therefore, he is known as the father of the atomic theory. The establishment of this centre is to provide a common platform for the research of interdisciplinary nature and to facilitate the state-of-the-art research equipment facility for basic and applied research.

Vision and Mission

Maharishi Kanad Interdisciplinary Research Centre is established with a vision to bring together the researchers and scientists of various disciplines with diverse backgrounds to allow challenging research. The idea of this centre is to integrate our educational programmes into research programmes with an aim to bring a sense of excitement among students for cutting edge research.


  • To provide a state-of-the-art research facility under one roof to carry out the research activities of various disciplines of the University
  • To encourage multidisciplinary research among the faculty members of the University
  • To open new avenues of interdisciplinary exchange and impart technologies for innovative research and
  • To promote the research across the science, humanities and social sciences researchers
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