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Prof. (Dr) Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar

Dear fellow learners,
Greetings from Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar!
Hope you are in good health with your family! This is a very tough time for the whole world!

I feel immense pleasure in inviting you to be the part of a new yet very fast-growing institution of higher learning named after one of the greatest sons of Mother India- Mahatma Gandhi. Our vision of the university isinstitutional excellence with global outlook clubbed with sustainable resource generation system. We have been actively engaged in creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge.We have also carved out a roadmap for a long journey into unchartered territories of innovative learning.

Mahatma Gandhi Central University is seriously committed to pushing ourselves towards new horizons of path-breaking research. Concerted efforts for establishing democratic outlook with a focus on performance, commitment, and professionalism in the academic environment of the University have also been initiated. The University has put in maximum efforts to provide all possible courses and programmes for intellectual as well professional development of the students. In addition to that we are also in the process of introducing newer courses based on skill development and capacity building.

Our commitment to implementation of National Educational Policy, 2020 is reflected in our numerous seminars, webinars, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and working papers. Besides that we have also come out with a detailed document on policy implications entitled: CONSPECTUS. The task force has already been constituted for effective and time bound implementation of NEP 2020.

The university has excelled in academic activities during COVID-19 pandemic by way of organizing large number of online engagements involving more than 85 present and former Vice-Chancellors, Directors, 50 leading national thinkers and 45 foreign scholars. This has tremendously increased the global visibility and intellectual reputation of the university.

Increasing number of UG, PG and research programmes has substantially boosted the diversity of students as well as faculty members. PRADESHANUBHUTI has become our best practice. Social engagement of the university also got rise in COVID-19 period.

Eleven research centres with 20 departments have opened new vistas of innovative and out-of-box research in the university. Naming of the classrooms, buildings and offices after Indian Rishis, rivers, mountains, nakshatras and great literary and nationalist figures is also our special feature.

At the same time, we aim at preparing responsible, diligent, and caring citizens ready to meet the challenges of global society without, however, drifting from the great cultural anchorage of India. The University has also attempted to streamline the procedures and mechanisms to enhance all round efficiency in performance and service delivery as well as inculcating a robust work culture amongst all its stakeholders. As our traditional wisdom is indicated in the words of the greatest grammarian Panini:-

पदच्छेदस्तु सुस्वरः।
धैर्यंलयसमर्थं च
षडेते पाठके गुणाः।।

As the Vice-Chancellor of this University, I sincerely welcome you to a pleasing and enlightening experience of learning.

My all good wishes for your bright future.

[Prof. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma]
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