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S.No. Volume I, Number 2, October 2019 – March 2020 Page No.
1. Authors: G.P. Sudhakar 9-21
Paper Title: Gandhian Philosophy and UN Sustainability Goals: The Imperative for Business
2. Authors: Kanan Perumal 22-40
Paper Title: Information Asymmetry, Institutional Efficiency and Corruption Control: Examining the Theoretical Challenges to Corruption Control in Developing Countries: A Case Study on Gandhian Hypothesis
3. Authors: Okendra 41-49
Paper Title: The Impact of Bharatendu-Era Hindi Literature on the Life of Mahatma Gandhi
4. Authors: Meenakshi Bansal 50-57
Paper Title: Contribution of Mahatma Gandhi to Women's Welfare: A Myth or Reality
5. Authors: Ashu Pasricha 58-66
Paper Title: Revisiting Gandhian Vision on Rural Development in the Context of Covid-19
6. Authors: Mala Mishra 67-73
Paper Title: Relevance of Gandhi in Rising Modern India
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